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Proudly servicing the Chicagoland area, Super Soaked provides professional house washing services that will restore the quality, cleanliness, and curb appeal of your residence. Some of our services include roof cleaning, siding cleaning, gutter cleaning, concrete cleaning, driveway cleaning, paver/patio washing, hvac coil cleaning, deck washing, & fence washing.

Dirt, mold, moss, fungus, grease, & oil buildup are some of the unsightly contaminants that can ruin the exterior of your home. Your house is an investment, so give it the treatment it deserves. Give Super Soaked a call today (773) 540-0186 for a free estimate!
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We recommend having your home soft washed at least once every two years.  Soft washing is the safest way to clean your home’s exterior and is great for all siding such as vinyl, aluminum, wood, cedar shake, brick, and hardy board. Using 60PSI @ 1.8 gallons per minute, we will remove dirt, grime, and mildew that is collecting on your home’s siding. If not cleaned properly, these contaminants can cause expensive repairs, renovations, or replacements.  In addition, if you are starting to see black streaks on your gutters, we will treat those with special cleaners and have them looking new with our gutter cleaning service.


If you do not treat those ugly black mold streaks on your roof, which are known as gloeocapsa magma, it will continue to get worse over time. Algae, moss, and fungus will continue to eat at your roof and can cause significant damage and decay. While many of our services use high water pressure, we never use pressure washing to clean roofs. Soft Washing is the only safe method to properly clean your roof without damaging shingles. Super Soaked has the expertise to properly kill and remove these containments and keep your roof looking new.


A clean driveway or sidewalk can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home. Using a standard hose on cement or concrete surfaces will not do the job as it requires high pressure to fully remove dirt, gum, mold, and other stains. Super Soaked has the equipment and expertise for a safe and extremely effective cleaning. Using our hydrotek mobile skid, our cleaning process will use 3500PSI @ 5.5 gallons per minute leaving you with a beautiful end result.


Wood fences and decks start to age and turn grey as time goes on and stain and sealants will break down after a few years of application. Since wood is soft and can be damaged very easily with too much pressure, our team of experts will determine the proper techniques & cleaners to use, and wash your deck or fence with the right amount of pressure. 


Cleaning both the condenser and evaporator coils is an extremely important part of maintaining your HVAC systems as well as lowering energy costs. Over time, the HVAC coils become matted with dust and dirt and cause the system to work harder, thus using up more energy. Our team of professionals will properly clean your HVAC coils to ensure an efficient HVAC system.